16 June 2013


One year ago.
One year ago I woke up on a couch in our hotel lobby.  I didn't get much sleep the night before (surprise surprise), and shared the room (and bed) with two delightful amazing friends.  So, I went to the lobby to just get a change of scenery.  It was suppose to be the most important day of my life.
When I noticed it was a decent hour, you know, after a hotel person made sure that I wasn't a drunk homeless girl, I texted my soon-to-be-husband. I then snuck in his room for a quick hug and kiss before I went to get ready for the day.

What do I remember most about that day?  So much!  I hope that in eighty years I can still remember Ali and Sharelle getting ready with me at the hair salon. Ali running to get me a cappuccino and Sharelle painting my toe nails.  My mom's ear-to-ear smile, while my dad got choked up.

I remember my dad coming to tell me how nervous my fiance was... with a smile on his face.  He kept peeking through a crack in a slightly open door to check out the processional before the ceremony.  I remember a college friend leading my bridal party in prayer.

I remember arriving to the entrance of the chapel in the Church where we would marry.  My husband was turned around, reminded me of what Prince William did when he got married to Kate Middleton.  Then, the Bridal March (or whatever I chose), began on the organ.  He turned around.  I  cherish the pictures our photographer got of his cheese of a smile as he watched me walk down the aisle.  I did the whole blusher veil thing, so I was looking at him with some fancy tulle in front of my face.

My dad gave me away and our Matrimonial Mass began.

I remember our first prayer as husband in wife.  It was right after we received Holy Communion.  We held hands and we prayed.

I remember our embarrassing first kiss and so incredibly grateful our photographer capturer our kiss!  It was so quick because I was so petrified to kiss him in front of everyone.  I hate PDA!  But, there is a set of five or so images that capture this embarrassing moment.... And then that one perfect photo of us kissing and my maid of honor, Sharelle, smiling from ear-to-ear as she watched on.

The pictures afterward?  Embarrassing and time went to quickly.  I hate that we didn't get some amazing formal shots of us together.  But, we went to the reception.  And we had fun.

We left the reception feeling so incredibly blessed by the amount of love and support surrounding us on our "big" day.  We were pretty over the moon, you know? Back at the hotel, family and friends joined us for an after party.  Some amazing memories with great people.  We drank, laughed, ordered pizza, and smoked cigars. 

Whenever I drive past that hotel, I feel happy.  For that hotel hosted us the weekend we became man and wife.

My heart is filled with my love for you.
My best friend, my biggest supporter.
The smartest and most generous man that I know.
You lead our family so well and
I am forever blessed to have you in my life.
Thank you for all that you do for us.
Happy anniversary!
Cheers to another eighty plus.

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  1. Aww, so fun to read your wedding memories! Happy anniversary!

    Fierce & Fashionable

  2. This is so cute! Happy anniversary!!




  3. How adorable, Amy! Happy Anniversary and here's to another 80+++!!! :D Have a beautiful week, too, girl! XO


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