05 December 2013


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15 August 2013

What I'm Loving in August 2013

(1) Keurig Vue.  I had been wanting a Keurig for awhile when I asked for one for my birthday.  I quickly discovered that even though it's fancy it's not as much as a time saver as I expected.  Though the Vue is a little annoying because it has it's own Vue cups and won't take K-cups, it's still super amazing and husband is glad I asked for it.  In fact, my first flavor I purchased was the Chai Latte -- and that has become his preferential flavor, whereas it's a little too sweet for me so I would rather go to Starbucks and get one.  I'm not really selling this thing well, but I promise you that if you like the flavors, it's totally worth it. :)  Husband also likes Donut Shop, I really like the hot cocoa and the Caribou blend... that's all we've tried so far.  What flavors do you like? 

(2) Honest Company Laundry Detergent.  I stocked up on Honest Company products when I learned we were buying a house.  I'm all about going natural and clean.  Though I firmly believe in making my own all-purpose cleaner (though, I do also have Honest Company's all-purpose cleaner due to a fabulous Zulily deal), I haven't quite figured out how to home make a laundry detergent... so I go for this baby.  And I love it. :)

(3) Kevin Hearne's Hunted, an Iron Druid Chronicle book.  I love the Iron Druid series.  I've totally been in to fantasy fiction in the past two years and these Iron Druid books are by far my favorite.  I can talk about a few other fantasy fiction series, but I get so giddy about these that I Amazon them straight to my Kindle app on my phone as soon as they are released.  Want to know what it's about?  Well, it's about the last living Druid on earth (a person who can draw powers from the earth) and the many adventures he goes through (including fighting witches, Norse gods, and many other fictional magical creatures).  The writing is light, comical, and totally addicting.  

(4) Smoothie King.  Lovelovelove SK.  My current go to drinks are the Lean1 Chai and the Island Impact when I'm in a fruity mood.  Ahhhmazing!

(5) Kemp's Low-Fat Frozen Yogurt: Black Jack Cherry.  People will probably think I'm weird because I like cherry ice cream with chocolate chips, but I do.  It's light with a refreshing taste and a hint of chocolate.  It's divinely satisfying, especially in these summer months when you want something cool but not heavy.

(6) The Gnarly Whale's hair products (in particular the detangler).  I need detangler.  I have so much hair (and it's fine so it definitely gets tangled quickly) and it's very long.  I need a good detangler when I get out of the shower or else I am not going to even mess with my hair.  It just gets so bad.  But The Gnarly Whale has a wonderful solution.  Plus, I've been following Ashley & Nathan (the owners) since December 2011.  They are pretty wonderful, too.  Visit them here.