15 June 2013

What I'm Loving in June 2013

Zulily.  Have yall checked out Zulily?  I love it!  I may not have a child or be pregnant, but I am now a Godmother... and a home owner!  So I love seeing the deals for babies and home!  I check the app daily :)

Nikon D7100.  This is my third Nikon DSLR.  And I've loved each upgrade I've made.  I was wanting the Nikon D7000 for years, so I knew by the time the D7100 was announced it would be my time to get one.  I was instantly impressed with the upgrades Nikon made with this.  I love being able to adjust Kelvin temperatures and was always looking forward to the increased speed of the model.

Quaker Instant Oatmeal - Raisin, Date, Walnut.  Now, I know this isn't "real" oatmeal, but when I'm on the go, I love throwing this in a purse.  I find a microwavable bowl and just add water.  It satisfies me for a good while!

Scandal.  Have you seen it?  The first season is on Netflix.  Loved.

Otterbox.  I purchased three Otterbox's for my iPhone 4S... it was only natural that I get one for my new Samsung Galaxy S4 (I apparently have a thing for the number four and the letter "S").

The Microsoft ArcMouse.  This bad boy gets attention from everyone.  I plug in a little tiny chip into one of my USB spots and then I get to use this wireless mouse.  The batteries last a long time so it's awesome for that, but it's also so amazing because the mouse can lay flat.  It "arcs" open to turn on and be used.  Brilliance.  I have one, husband has one, father-in-law has one.

Pimm's.  Pimm's has become the liquor for our family's summer drink.  Ergo, in our house, you will see this baby stocked up for a perfect summer cocktail... I'll have to share our recipe with you on this blog sometime...  I made it wrong one time for a party and everyone still loved it.  

Velina Bracelets.  Go check them out, they have so many amazing, unique jewelry with imported and hand selected beads and charms.  The business is also run by two sisters who are just adorable.

The Container Store. oh.em.gee.  Have you been in this store?  It's ah-mazing.  For an organization nut, it calls my name.  We are totally going to redo our closet just like their systems...... but some how for much cheaper...


  1. I just got my first Nikon camera, the D3200. I love it. I'm looking forward to upgrades, but for now, this one is really good for me. I really wish we had The Container Store here!

  2. Wait. You can buy Pimm's in the States?
    Apparently I live under a rock. I need a liquor store, stat!

  3. I HAD to buy an otterbox for my iPhone 4S because I have cracked my screen twice but I ended up loving it!





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