31 July 2013

Our First Home: Dining Room Reveal


When going through the buying process with this house, we obviously had certain visions in our head with how we would want the house to look like.  Then, we moved in, ran in to a plethora of problems (some of which we weren't financially prepared for in our budget), had a busy summer, and then decided to just work with what we have (for now).  So, I left the green paint up (I was wanting a subtle yellow) and we'll update our dining room table someday in the future.

For now, we are really happy with our dining room.  It is our only completely finished room in the house.  And now we are sharing it with you :)  Mind the creatures ;)

Curtains: TJ Maxx, ~$10/panel (four panels used)
Dining room table & chairs: thrifted for $50
Buffet table: TJ Maxx (present from my parents)
Chandelier: came with the house, but from a different room
Tree: Michael’s
Wine rack: used to be my mom’s
Cat: Callie, our sweet princess
Dog: Shelby, aka le puppy

Picture of the Coliseum in Rome: taken by me, frame from Hobby Lobby
Map of Zimbabwe: gifted from husband's aunt
Silver pieces: Wilton Armetale, wedding presents
J.A. Henckels Cutting board: Cara Box exchange gift from the lovely Emily at Be Blessed, Y'all !
Succulents: from Pike's Nursery, stored in a candle holder
Dining room flowers: Michael's


  1. It looks great!!! I just love the walls like that--I wish I could remember what that's called. haha..the curtains look great, the color is wonderful!

    ANdddddddddd...nice cutting board! :)

  2. I love it! It looks awesome!!! And I love the added touch of the pets ;)

  3. it looks amazing :D loving it~


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