30 July 2013

Pimm's Summer Cocktail

1-2 bottles Pimm's No. 1 Liqueur
1 2-Liter of Sprite
1 2-Liter of Ginger Ale
Strawberry slices
Cucumber slices, thin
Mint leaves
Ice Cubes

Pour all the liquids in to a dispenser.  1 bottle of Pimm's makes for a very weak alcoholic beverage, 2 bottles makes for (obviously) a stronger alcoholic beverage so use 1-2 bottles as you desire.
Add strawberry slices, thin slices of cucumber, and mint leaves to the punch.

Add ice cubes or pour over ice.

Traditionally, this summer drink also has orange slices and will use lemonade instead of sprite and ginger ale.  However, this is our family recipe that makes for a popular refreshing summer cocktail.

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