18 April 2013

Meet Annie, The Ranting Latina!

Today, I'm introducing Anna from The Ranting Latina.  She is a beautiful, vivacious, trilingual fellow student based in Utah.  I just love her spirit and reading her blog where she just emits honest genuine blogging.  I pretty much feel like she'd make an awesome blate one day. ;)  But, until we can all meet her in person, check her out here and don't forget to send her some love on her own blog! :)


Hola y'all! I'm Annie, AKA The Ranting Latina, and I'm so excited to be with you today on The Charming Blog! Now a little about me: I'm a Utah-based Colombian-American in my 20s who likes to think against the norm. TRL is basically where I chronicle all that I care about: My family, love, school, business, and everything else in between. So feel free to come on over because I'd love to have you y gracias por acompañarme hoy!

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1. After 9 years, you became a U.S. citizen, what was that like?
You mean we *FINALLY* became citizens! Oh goodness, that was such a roller coaster! We (my parents, my furry brother aka Snuffy, and their only human kid, me*) came when I was 13 1/2--over 11 years ago--from Colombia. We started the looong citizenship process there when the country was going through some heavy political struggles that even affected our own family(!) and that I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy if I had one, and ended it in 2011. (* Any other only children out there :)?) While my mom has been back to visit once, neither my dad nor I have. To say that I miss the people I left would be an understatement BUT I don't think I'd have it any other way because we've been able to build here the kind of life that not many in Colombia can achieve. For instance, I want to earn a doctorate in Marketing, so it's amazing that I'll be able to learn a LOT more about Marketing in the country that practically invented it!

So to answer your question, becoming a U.S. citizen definitely had its ups and downs, but even before becoming one, I considered it a substantial privilege that I NEVER take for granted now as I not only love everything that this country represents, but I'm also very fortunate for all it's given us and the life it'll let me build for my future family.

2. What inspired you to do psychology?
My first BS was in Marketing; it was an Honors degree for which I had to do a thesis. That whole process made me fall in love with researching, and along the way I got the random idea of going to a doctoral program in order to learn as much as I can about the area I'm so passionate about. However, after a stint in the "real world" and discovering that my dream school wanted people with "psychology experience" while doing research on grad schools, I realized I needed to reevaluate my strategy. But having only taken one Psych class for my Marketing degree, though, made me realize that I DID need as much Psych knowledge I could get if I want to get into AND succeed in grad school. (Plus, let's face it: Marketers need to KNOW psych as well if they want to be good, right?) So I re-enrolled, I've been presenting my research at conferences, and now I'll be done in December! It's been such a blast and I CAN'T wait to be in grad school! (And now, I see school and academia as my "real world.")

3. What is ONE thing you may have alluded to in past posts but haven't explicitly told your readers?
That I was (gulp) quasi-engaged once... When I was 22, I dated a man 15 years my senior. He was/is wonderful and we got so close, that he'd even picture me as his wife and mom to his future young family. But on one fateful evening after we had been dating for almost two months, he asked me whether I'd "be open to the idea of considering marriage in one year" (meaning we'd be getting engaged one year later and then getting married a year after that). I was so wrapped up in the fairytale of it all, that I said "yes." But the next evening, after a day of reflection, prayer, and convos with my family, I decided that marrying so young wasn't right for ME. I explained to him that I still had to go to grad school, make a name/life for myself, be independent, learn how to manage a home (MY home), etc., and that I didn't think continuing to date each other while letting our love and feelings grow (even though I wouldn't be ready to marry him when he wanted me to) would be right. So we ended things. To this day, we still text on occasion, but I'm very glad with my decision as we both still have things to work on in order to be ready for that kind of commitment. (For instance, I don't think he's all that ready for a wife for reasons that shall stay between me, myself, and I.)

4. What are some of your goals for your blog?
I have quite a few, really, though my most important one is to have it become one of the leading sites for U.S.-based Latino/as who want to get ahead, further all that they're about, and overcome whatever struggles they're going through. With what I share, I want to inspire them into being the best they can be, because it's only their best that will yield true results. Moreover, because I'm a young adult in college, I'd also love for it to become a trusted voice among college students as well. I think many of my classmates across the country think one way, so I want to represent the minority that doesn't see the world the same way. Additionally, I feel that since my blog helped me land a job with the top media organization in Utah (true story :D!), I have something to contribute in terms of "blog advice," so I also want it to inspire others into starting AND maintaining a successful blog. Lastly, I'd really like for it to help establish my personal brand as a potential influencer among women, faith- and family-minded individuals, Latino/as, bloggers, and academics.

5. What do you wish someone would finally invent?
A chip that we could get implanted that'd record all our thoughts and post ideas/outlines/drafts in REAL time right as we're thinking them! Just picture NOT having to stop everything we're doing to go "type something up for my blog really quick" or not having to worry about remembering something during the entire duration of a shower/bath/work shift/appointment/whatever. GENIUS, I know… I'd personally sign up asap. >> Btw, how random was that? :) (I'm serious though.. Any tech-minded people out there who'd like to design me a prototype? Call me, maybe!)

6. Brag about Colombia.
Now that it's on its way of overcoming its less-than-ideal past, Colombia has actually been found to be one of the best places to live in the planet. And when you take a look at some of the reasons, you'll know why: The country's location is very strategic, its biodiversity is almost infinite, it speaks the best Spanish in the world, it's Latin America's fashion capital and the world's Salsa capital, it's an emerging global player, it's home to the second biggest carnival in the world, AND it's where I'm from :). What, that's not enough for you? Then read the complete list of 21 reasons why Colombians are the happiest people in the world.

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