11 February 2013

I wasn't looking for a husband.

The two years leading up to my meeting my Prince Charming were very eventful: I ended my second serious long term relationship, "converted" or confirmed in the Catholic church after years of searching, I was trying to be a Coworker (a program where you can give a year or two to the Church and serve as a missionary), then I became very indecisive about where to go to college when becoming a Coworker didn't work out.  Then, after graduating from high school, I spent the summer busy as a photographer's assistant and thought that I wanted to study psychology.

When I started college, I was very much pro God's plan.  I didn't think that included boys and did a good job fighting off that idea for awhile.  I wanted to be a missionary.  Heck, I even talked about being an anonymous martyr of some kind so I could go be with my Creator.  Then, one by one, God started revealing changes in the plan.  Every change in course was very much inspired by the Holy Spirit.  This included transferring out of a great university to go to one I once refused to attend: a big city university.

Then, I went on a college retreat for Campus Catholics.  That semester was my husband and I's one opportunity to meet.  I wanted to go to LSU not where I went, I wanted to be a missionary that year I met him, and I was transferring out of that college the very next semester after I met Mr. Charming.  My husband's plans?  The university we attended at the time we met wasn't his first college that he attended, and he had plans to transfer to a different university and apparently was supposed to leave that semester but ended up not.  Then, his family, who immigrated here from Africa, were originally suppose to move to two other states than Georgia.  But Georgia is where they ended up moving last minute.  Then, I very last minute almost backed out of the retreat.  By last minute, I mean I was waiting on my ride to pick me up to go when I was thinking about canceling.  I got to the retreat late and on that very night was the first time I spoke to my husband.

I left that weekend knowing he wasn't just another guy.  And, it was that very thought that prompted my very first panic attack.  Man, I hate panic attacks, not only did I feel like I was dying, but the thought that my plan was changing and I could picture marrying this guy scared me.  I did not want to be in a relationship.  And for the first year or so, the poor guy still had to deal with me being Miss Independent and wanting to do things like become a missionary for a few months or so, or enlisting and becoming a Navy Nurse.

But the more I loosened up to what was going on (you know, stopped trying to control the plan and fight my boyfriend who only wanted what was best for me), the closer I came to realize that this was God's plan, that it was with my husband where God was present in my life.  That being one of two meant I would give up sacrifices, but that I would gain new amazing opportunities.  Soon, the "sacrifices" stopped being sacrifices.  It was like another life.  The new opportunities started to become more and more wonderful, because I knew my best friend would be by my side the whole way.  And what's better than that?

Where were you in your life when you met your significant other?


  1. Love it! I don't think I've ever read your love story before so I loved seeing this (:

  2. :) So cute!! I love how God works. His plans are always SO much better than our own!

  3. This is so sweet. How life can change in the blink of an eye. I found my man online. I wasn't necessarily looking for him (even though that could sound clique since I had an online profile and all) but I was just giving a new website a shot and really had no intention to find "the one". But I did. I was a career woman so finding people your age to meet and hang out with was hard for me. I didn't do the bar scene anymore...so online dating worked for me. :)

  4. I wasn't even thinking about getting married at all when my husband and I got together, but I'm rather glad that it happened unexpectedly, that way!

  5. So awesome! God's timing sure is incredible! I'm writing about our love story now on my bog as a series.

  6. Such an amazing and crazy story! It's amazing how the Lord works and puts us in situations and puts people in our place right when we need them. And how His plan never seems to exactly be what we think we need to do. I loved this story so much!! So glad you were able to meet your Mr. Charming :)

    And thank you for linking up with Marriage Week! :)


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