26 February 2013

#DIHworkshop by @HomeDepot

On Tuesday of last week I became aware of this awesome program hosted by The Home Depot.  It’s a program for women called Do-It-Herself workshops (#DIHworkshop).  Upon hearing about this opportunity, I texted a good friend of mine and invited her to join me at a location close to where she lives.  I was sold and she was sold!  It would be a fun (and free!) girls night for us.

The event that we attended was at the Cumberland Home Depot store in Atlanta.  According to the girls running the workshop, this is an event that happens every third Thursday of each month.  Each session goes over a different project and they will teach you and provide the materials for it.  The projects are either Pinterest-inspired ones (like the one I attended last week) or some fun DIY home improvements.  

Our session's project: a mirror framed with tiles!  

I partnered up with some great ladies already at the event and we all attempted the project.  It was definitely an easy project, it was just our first time using grout!  We learned about the different types of grout (sandy versus nonsandy) and when to use each type.  The Home Depot team was so helpful and informative.  Plus, there were some nice refreshments there, which was nice because it was around dinnertime.  My friend who came with me was actually pretty familiar with grout and ended up doing a great job taking the lead so that the other Home Depot members could help other tables.

I personally think it is such a great event!  I am definitely planning on attending some more!!  There is a Home Depot a little bit closer to me that I would go to next time so that I’m not late because of traffic.  But I’m always eager to learn more about DIY projects for the home and the different tools you could use.  You can find out about what workshops are coming up in your area by using www.homedepot.com or using the Facebook page.

Kudos, Home Depot, on the great event idea!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of
The Home Depot Cumberland (Store 121).

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