27 February 2013

#ClubSexy #CaraBox Exchange

I received this wonderful package in the mail from Emily, one of my partners for the Cara Box Exchange. 

We talked about husband and I and what we do for fun or for date nights.  I told her that because we have such busy schedules, we normally like to keep things either really simple like with a meal, movie, or wine & cheese nights or something really different/rare to get out and do something (like this past Friday we went to our first ever basketball game).  I personally love wine & cheese nights!  MC does, too, but probably not as much as I do.  We'll do some Italian meats, try a new cheese (I really love a Port salut), and maybe try a new wine -- but we normally just stick to Moscato, our favorite, which she knows, hence the wine pourer and stopper!  

Funny story, the only stopper we have was our only souveniour from when we visited Venice.  I love using it, but it's very tall, so the wine bottle with the stopper we currently have doesn't fit in the fridge (which is where white wine tends to go).... so I'm super glad we have a new one now!

I also love lovely scents so she sent me some different ones to try.  How fun!  And I love the oil warmer.  I have never used one so I will definitely be experimenting to figure it out and play with scents. :)

Thank you Emily so much!  This was such a fun month for the Cara Box Exchange and I'm so grateful that Kaitlyn from Wifessionals took the extra time and effort to pair people up according to location!  Kaitlyn you are too awesome & wonderful!!

My other partner (who I sent to) is Erin.  I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know both these lovely girls -- fellow Georgians whom I can't wait to have blates with!!  To find out what I sent to Erin, go check out her blog here and send some love to both her and Emily who is here.


  1. SO glad you like everything!! I had so much fun putting it together--and realized that hubs and I have a lot in common with you two.
    We've got to plan a blate soon. :)

  2. Oh wow, great ideas! Some of the most unique! Cheese board, candle warmer - how creative!


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