10 January 2013

Ten on Ten

1. What are some of your goals for 2013?
To become more organized and feel more balance in my life.  I have a goal to lose one dress size by September, but I hope to go above and beyond in that aspect!  I also hope to continued working on my health.  It's so weird not having our wedding or something to kind of "define" the year like it did in 2012.  Er, well I guess I will be finally graduating from nursing school this year (*keeping fingers crossed*) -- that is pretty awesome!  We also have one trip that is definite and one trip that is up in the air for 2013.

2. How did you end up celebrating the New Years?
I had just gotten over the flu and laryngitis so I was still feeling pretty tired and rotten, so we just made plans to stay home by ourselves.  Also, I have no interest in driving on December 31st of any year.  We did make a spontaneous decision to go to El Porton at like 9pm that night for some margaritas and tacos.  It was an awesome decision.  Best meal to end the year ever: I had ceviche with shrimp and squid and a grilled vegetable taco with churros for dessert.  MMmm...  

3. Do you have anything already scheduled for 2013 (eg, weddings, vacations, giving birth, etc)?
My sister in law is getting married in September, I am scheduled to graduate in most likely the summer if they offer the classes I need (which they should but it's always up in the air until March), and we are definitely doing Vancouver, BC, Canada in August (with possible side trips before in Seattle and Portland depending if we end up doing another trip that we want to do).

4. Where do you see yourself this time next year?
With my RN license.  That's the only thing I'm really pushing for for one year from now. 

5. What do you hope to accomplish with your blog/shop?
Just continue to grow in the community, my voice, and my dreams.  I have a lot of ideas and plans for my blog, it's just a matter of implementing them in the right way.

6. What was your favorite gift that you received from the holidays?
This is hard, I received great gifts this year.  It was the first year since I was maybe a little girl that I had a wish list and actually told people what I wanted.  Every other year I really don't need too much so I don't ask for anything, but this year there were things I needed.  Plus, now, I can look at those items and be like "so and so got me this, how wonderful."  Said wonderfulness includes: a new camera bag from my brother, the Star Wars complete saga on blu ray from my in-laws, a rare family vacation trip from my mother, a fireproof safe from my sister-in-law, and a beautiful necklace and shark slippers from husband.

7. Is there anything that was on your wish list that you didn't receive?
Yes, an Erin Condren notebook/planner.  Since I really want to get organized and balanced in 2013, I knew one of her notebooks with monthly calendar inserts would be just so perfect for me.   Fortunately, it was something I could afford and it wouldn't have been a great gift from a loved one since I'd throw it away in 12 months.  Hopefully, it's awesome -- I hear good things so we shall see!

8. Several days have passed from the hectic holiday season, are you back in the swing of things?
It definitely took awhile!  I mean, I got the flu on December 27, and though my fever broke early, some of the other symptoms lingered like lethargy.  Then I got laryngitis.  And my husband's company let him work from home so it just didn't feel quite so "weekday"-like and it just got difficult to get back to my busy, hardworking 9-5 schedule.  But I think by the time this entry post I will be 100% again!  But, I'm not ready for school.. ever, after such a gloriously long break.

9. Share a memory from the holidays with us.
Hm... having grown my family getting married, I think it was such a lovely time and we did a great job splitting our time with both my family and husband's family.  It was all just so great and I wrote a pretty detailed post about it here.

10. Show us a picture of you celebrating the holidays!


  1. I also want to get more organized and I splurged on the EC life planner. I hope I use it as much as I plan to. I am trying to carry it with me to work everyday and add things I think need to.

  2. Hi! I loved reading this to get to know you more. I love your blog and am really looking forward to reading more. I esp. loved the MLK post being from Memphis. Have you ever visited the Lorraine Motel here?



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