21 January 2013

Monday Inspiration

Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Birthday!

(All pictures are mine unless otherwise specified by providing a link to the source.)


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    1. Thanks, Michelle! I took a lot more, but I didn't want to have photo over kill. I wasn't allowed to take picture inside the King home, but purchased a book with the photos for remembrance. It was certainly a great tour.

  2. I have to admit that I live in Atlanta (West Midtown area) and I still have never been to these areas of town. How sad is that? I haven't been to the Carter Center either. I need to make a better effort to actually go to these places. It is such a part of history...I must go there!

    1. I've lived in Atlanta suburbs my entire life and last summer was the first time I was like "I'm going to the MLK Tour." I had my camera and was already downtown, so why not? It was amazing. I spent a whole day at all the sites and I walked away very impressed and wanting to read his autobiography (which I purchased on Amazon for $10 including shipping!). I haven't done the Carter Center yet -- maybe we can go together! I live 400N, but I'm in Atlanta all the time.


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