03 January 2013


Happy New Year!

I hope that all of you are doing well and have a safe and wonderful New Years!

I just wanted to take the time to make a few announcements:

My old "Featured Ad" has become the "Large Ad" option, and I have updated and improved the "Featured Ad" option.  You can read about the changes on my advertising page, but I will quickly layout the major changes.

  1. There will be one featured ad per month so I can focus all my attention on that one individual.  Featured ads run according to calendar months.  I wanted to create this type of ad and all that it entails so as do better foster a community relationship.  With this ad, you can think of me as your blog partner for a month.  I will do whatever you need me to do as if it were also my blog. I will be a sounding board, give feedback, will provide graphics for the blog/shop and it's social media outlets if needed, guest post, etc, etc.  Anything under the sun falls under this category.  The main reason I created this was because I wanted to create a more personalized experience with fellow bloggers.  Plus, I know sometimes it's like "am I doing this right?"  This is worth a flat $20 because it will be a month long partnership where I plan on being as responsive, productive, helpful as possible to make sure you get your money and time's worth, plus you get everything that a large ad gets (guest posting, shout outs, etc).
  2. There will be three large ad spots available at a time.  This is the former version of the featured ad, just renamed.  (Use code "2013" to get 50% off large ad spots now!)
  3. The reason I only have one featured ad and three large ads is because I don't want to do "group posts."  I want to individually spotlight each of you and therefore each Thursday will be dedicated to these four spots' guest posting and optional giveaway component.
Guest Posting & Giveaways
  1. Guest posting can cover any topic that you want, as long as it is appropriate and contains no foul language.  If you want an idea of what posts work best with my audience, you can just ask.
  2. Giveaways are highly encouraged to help drive more traffic to your blog, however they are not mandatory.  I do ask that giveaway items have a $15 minimum value.  Sponsor giveaways are individual and will not be grouped with anyone else.  It will be just you and me as entries.  You have unlimited about of promotional entries, and I try to include just my main ones (blog, facebook, twitter, and maybe one or two more).  Giveaways will run for one week and I will set them up for you using Rafflecopter.
First Friday Financial
I am launching this new series starting tomorrow!  It is a monthly blog series that I am "outsourcing" to fellow bloggers and shop owners that want to write about any topic under the umbrella of Money & Finances: budgeting, banking, investing, household, savings, funds, business, getting organized, going debt-free, couponing, parenthood (aka, allowances, college savings, etc), vacationing on a budget, holiday savings, etc, etc, etc.

If you are interested in being a future contributor, you can email me with the headline "First Friday Financial."  If you have any topics that you want to see/read/learn about, also contact be with the same header "First Friday Financial" (just so I can remain organized). 

Design Series
I am also planning on launching a new design series, I haven't figured out all the details (weekly, monthly, one whole week, one whole month, etc), but I have quite a few ideas that I'd love to implement.  However, I am looking for partners/contributors who either are designers, artists, etc or are very passionate about the topic.  If you are interested, please email me with the heading "Design Series" so we can chat!

Blog Designs
I am currently not accepting new blog designs.  I will probably be accepting new clients in February or March, so be on the look out.

Charming Life magazine
So, I lovedlovedloved working on Charming Holiday.  It was so much fun, a great experience, and I really want to delve into a lifestyle interactive magazine next.  If you are interested in contributing, feel free to contact the magazine email address here.  If you have any tips, suggestions, feedback, recommendations, or just want to talk about what you want to see in the magazine, you can email that address as well.  I am open to suggestions and any type of help!

It's going to be an oh so charming year, I can feel it!

Happy Thursday,

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  1. So excited to be part of your blog this month! lol my goal is to have a better ad button by the end of the month. Have a great weekend!


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