31 December 2012

The Impeccable Pig

I loved this dress from The Impeccable Pig.  I thought it was not only very much my style, but that I could change it up easily to achieve different looks and that it would be great for the holidays!  I received quite a few compliments on it as well!  The Impeccable Pig just has such a great selection to begin with that it is difficult narrowing down your cart to not spend too much (if you're like me and on a budget), but the shop (both online and in store locations) have wonderful, quality, and fashionable items.

Here are few more of my favorites: the Chev dress, Simply Sarah, lace peplum top, open chevron sweater, A Little Artsy dress, these kelley green shorts, Glitterazzi dress.

*The stock does change, especially between the shop and online inventory.  But they always have some awesome pieces to select from!

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