28 August 2012

Advertise on The Charming in September!

Hello friends!

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What's going on in September:
  • I have an exciting giveaway coming up in September and I am looking for some cohosts* to put as giveaway entries
  • I'm still cranking out Wedding Wednesday posts, including some of my tips and crafts
  • I have a Ten on Ten link up scheduled for Monday, September 10th
  • I'll be starting up my Wellness discussions again
  • Honeymoon pictures
  • & more of the regular posts!
*To be a cohost you need to be a Featured Sponsor.

Look forward to having you!


  1. I cam across your blog through Life as a Young mom and I am obsessed (: <3 Love love loveeee your blog!

    Yesi @ Puddles & Cuddles <3

  2. Awh, thank you Yesi! That means a lot =)


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