26 May 2012

Fiction Addiction

So, I've been feeling very connected to a few t.v. series lately and I wanted to share!  As far as watching T.V. goes, that does not happen for me, like ever.  95% of the t.v. shows that I watch are on demand, online, or on Netflix.  But it is Netflix that I thank the most, because I have discovered many of my loves through it: Medium, How I Met Your Mother, Arrested Development.  They just uploaded One Tree Hill, something I haven't seen since high school, and I am waiting for them to update HIMYM because I haven't seen the latest season, as well as The Big Bang Theory.

In March-April, I saw all seven seasons, courtesy of Netflix.  I fell in love with the family, especially Joe and Allison (oh, man I loved Joe and Allison).  But also I loved Scanlon and D.A. Devalos.  When seeing the series finale, I was pretty heartbroken and had little crying episodes even a week later.  I still think about it sometimes.  I know that's weird, but man, it still upsets me!  I wish I could talk more elaborately, but, just in case you haven't seen this show, I don't want to spoil it!  

One thing awesome to mention about Patricia Arquette: the producers (or people of the sort) wanted her to lose weight in order to appear more flattering on the screen, she refused saying that she liked the "mom-look," especially since her character was a mom of three.  Good for her!

I also can't not mention how many stars and rising stars appeared in the series: Jennifer Lawrence (of the Hunger Games fame, appeared in a couple different episodes as different characters), Neve Campbell (Party of Five, the Scream movies), David Arquette (the Scream movies), Rebecca Gayheart (the real-life wife of McSteamy), Emma Stone (I love her!), Kelsey Grammer, Will McCormack (Will from Will & Grace), Kelly Preston (wife of John Travolta), Laura Prepon (from That 70's Show fame), Thomas Jane (Patricia Arquette's then-husband who I have been a fan of since Deep Blue Sea and The Punisher), and Rumor Willis (daughter of Bruce Willis) among others.

In January, Duncan and I sat down to watch Sherlock, a new-for-America BBC series that was on Netflix.  Each series (which is the British equivalent for the American season) consists of three 90-minute episodes -- with no commercials!  Thus, you are essentially getting three movies!  Duncan and I are colossal fans of the Robert Downey Jr. Sherlock films, so we were kind of skeptical.  But, friends, this is so good.  I once recommended this to a guy-friend of mine, but he refused to see it because Robert Downey Jr. was too good for anyone else to replace him -- small-minded, but okay.  But Benedict Cumberbatch (also in Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy) does a fantastic job that is very unique.  The show takes a modern twist, which also sets it apart from the Hollywood films.  If you are someone that genuinely likes spy-stories, I think this is worth at least one set of 90 minutes to watch the first episode of the first series, A Study in Pink.

The second series just wrapped up on BBC America with the third series somewhere in the works (that is the one bad thing about this show: it takes 6 months for it to air in America after it airs in England, but it also has only three weeks of a series maybe once every 12-18 months).

With this latest season finale, I have to talk about this show.  Eight years.  It's been eight years.  And though I love this show, I am a bit skeptical about the proposed "another eight" seasons.  SG-MW hospital has come a long way in eight years.  This is the one show that I actually watch as it airs on Thursday nights.  I am a big fan of shows, books, and movies with multiple plot lines, because there is always something worth watching.  I really, really want to talk about the season finale, but I'm not.  Though, I cried.  But that's not surprising, I do cry over commercials.  But I'm pretty sure many people cried.  So, I'll mention the good news!  After 8 years, Dr. Grey and the original Seattle Grace gang that is left on the show, have passed their Boards!  And, if you are really behind, Meredith and Derrick are actually married with a daughter, Zola.  Ellen Pompeo, Patrick Dempsey, and Sandra Oh have signed on for another year.  And I'm definitely looking forward to the season 9 opener.  

P.S. it is shows like Grey's Anatomy that make me enjoy waiting until the shows are on Netflix because then there is a five minute wait between seasons versus months.  Am I right, fellow Greys fans?  

What shows are you addicted to?
Any of these?  If so, let's talk! 


  1. Ooooh I should check out Sherlock, I love shows on the BBC! I am currently loving Breaking Bad, Mad Men and Revenge!

  2. I absolutely love Sherlock! I initially liked Robert Downey Jr. as Sherlock Holmes but after watching Benedict Cumberbatch portray him, he totally ruined Downey Jr.'s version because he's that good! lol Now there's an American version of Sherlock Holmes coming to tv in the fall (though the character himself is still British) -- it's a show called Elemental and I'm skeptical of that too. But I'll probably watch the first episode as a test run.

    Have you seen Revenge? It's fantastic! Once you get into, you won't be able to stop watching! If you like British tv and aren't afraid of a little R-rated language then you should check out Misfits. It's absolutely hilarious!


  3. Sherlock is amazing. And no, Robert Downey Jr. is NOT(!) the Sherlock Holmes A. Conan Doyle invented. This is closer, but still not Jeremy Brett. It's an extremely clever interpretation though. It's definitely a must see.
    New follower!

  4. my list is too long and embarrassing to share..but I do still watch Greys... I have a hard time just giving up on a show after I've put so many years into it. Which is why my television list is too long....

    I respect your list. Good job!

  5. I am totally addicted to Grey's! My husband even watches it with me. I was watching Desperate Housewives, but that series is now over - but I do watch Private Practice. ;)


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