07 March 2012

WW: Our Personal Inspiration Board

One hundred days.  That's it.  That is all the time that is left between now and when I say "I do" to my best friend, to the smartest and funniest man I know.  Boy, part of me has butterflies!  I mean, there is so much left to do.  But, at the same time, I'm not worried.  Things will get done.  And if they don't, oh well!  Our guests will love us anyways, and I still get to marry someone God created so beautifully with me in mind.  So, with that said, here is a Wedding Wednesday post of all of my favorite inspiration that I've been using to envision our wedding.  


(one) (two) (three) (four) (five) (six) (seven) (eight) (nine) (ten) (eleven) (twelve)

All images found through Pinterest.

Some background : 

Nine & Ten
Duncan was born and raised for the first half of his life in Zimbabwe.  Both of his parents were also born there.  His mom's parents are from Italy, his dad's parents are from Scotland. (My mom's mom is from Italy, too.  They immigrated here after WWI.  My great-uncle fought for Italy.)  We are both very proud of our heritage and our families.  Family is incredibly important to us.  So I wanted to incorporate at least Zimbabwe and Georgia in our wedding (I've lived in Georgia my whole life).  We are also travelers.  

One, Two, Three, Seven, Eleven
I love flowers.  I attempt gardening in the summers.  Duncan's parents are huge gardeners as well, since they were farmers in Zimbabwe.  I don't just limit myself to flowers, as you can see in seven.  I have a huge tree in my living room, and Duncan agrees it is a nice addition to the room.  I just love the feeling of the outdoors.  Unfortunately, I am not marrying the Prince of Wales, so I cannot afford to put entire trees in the church/reception venue, but, that doesn't mean I can attempt to do something similar on a much smaller scale.

Six, Seven, Eight
Duncan and I like to go green where we can.  Bringing in big, expensive blooms isn't very eco-friendly.  Now, I wouldn't describe he or I as "crunchy," but we do recognize the benefits of being green.

Four & Five
Ah, isn't tea so refreshing?  We love tea.  I know that whenever I go over to the Smith's, I know they are going to have a delicious pot of tea going.  I have so many different varieties of tea in my kitchen.  Iced or hot, tea is awesome.  And, Zimbabwe is a major tea exporter, as well.

Oh, boy, I love lace.  It's so elegant and classy.  I knew before I even stepped in to a dress store that I wanted a lace wedding dress.  And I got one.  So, I also want to incorporate it elsewhere.  I'm excited!


  1. I like all of the inspiration, all good choices. Can't choose a fav. because I like them all! Thank you for your sweet comment. Stay safe!


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