06 March 2012

Spring is [almost] in full bloom!

The other weekend, Duncan, Shelby and I drove down to visit with his parents for the weekend.  There was a bridal show going on where they live, and I thought it would be fun for his mom and I to go and get some ideas.  I think that it was well worth it, plus, I want to make sure she is involved as she wants to be.  Here are some non-wedding show snapshots from the weekend.  You see those daffodils??? Spring is in bloom, my friends!!!!!


  1. Yay, I am so ready for spring, too!

  2. Great photo! That pup is so cute!!

  3. beautiful pictures! :)
    sounds like it was a very fun trip!


  4. Daffodils are some of my favorites! And that picture of you is totally gorgeous!


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