18 January 2012

Personal Wellness: Part II

Hello, again!  In case you missed part I, you can catch up here

Today, I'd like to talk about how I plan to accomplish my goals.


  • I am going to do a little something for myself each and every day.  I need to have "me" time in order to possibly keep my sanity and recharge my batteries.  
    • I am going to spend 30-60 minutes (depending on the day) to read a book; watch a favorite movie, documentary, or show with out multitasking (that's normally what I do, work while I watch a show); just relax, think, maybe meditate; go to Adoration; cook a meal; do some painting; and the list will hopefully go on.
  • Sleep hygiene, also great for body, but I'm mentioning it here because for me it is more of a mental thing.  I have always had sleep problems.  It is sometimes termed "Monkey brain"-- meaning that my thoughts are going, going, going, going (enegizer bunny brain?) and your thoughts are so scattered it is like a monkey going from branch to branch to branch.  This can keep me up for hours.  My therapist suggests having a sleep routine.  I have heard this a million times over but I never realized that the brain actually does play a major part (a big d'oh moment on my part).  Your brain really does need to be told to do something sometimes.  A sleep routine helps it do that by saying "Okay, she's brushing her teeth, it's either morning or nighttime... Oh, now she's getting her pajamas... definitely nighttime (or maybe a lazy Sunday?)... Oh, okay, I got it, she's getting some water and going in to bed, definitely sleep time."  Well, that sounds easy enough, but I don't necessarily do all that.  I don't give myself and my brain the "down time" and a good sleep routine.  I'm normally going, going then oh! It's bed time, I'll spend a quick five minutes doing what I just said and go to bed.  I don't know if I've explained this well enough, but in sake of time, I hope you do and I'm leaving it at that.
  • Currently in my kitchen right now are the following foods: oranges, tomatoes, spinach, fish, low-fat yogurt, grapes, strawberries, bananas, blueberries, peanut butter, various nuts, granola, eggplant (ah, melanzane, how I have missed you), and I think that is all that I can think of with out getting up and looking.  I purchased all of these things in a record-breaking cheap grocery visit on Monday (only proving you can eat healthy for cheap).  As you notice, I didn't purchase any meats, but I do have a good amount stored in my freezer (I love my freezer!).  I plan to eat these foods multiple times every day.
  • If I am hungry for a snack: I have grapes, which are shown to make you bloat and therefore serve their purpose as a healthy snack.
  • If dinner wasn't quite filling enough: I can have a delicious dessert of a yogurt parfait (it really is quite sweet and satisfying).
  • For breakfast (and even as other meals because it's so good I find myself craving it): Special K Fruit & Yogurt cereal with added fresh fruits.
  • I am working out in some fashion almost every day: either taking Shelby for a walk or doing something more intense.
  • During the day, I try to get up as much as possible to walk around (did you know that cellulite occurs not because of your diet, but because of just sitting on your bum for long periods of time?  That's also responsible for venous stasis - blood clots - so double whammy!  P.S. this is especially important for all you women out there on oral contraceptives!!).
  • Drink more water.  It's usually just so bland, but I've noticed that as I become more active, it becomes tastier!
  • I previously mentioned going to Adoration.  It's been one of my favorite parts of my faith, but it has been something I have been "too busy" for in the recent months.  It is one-on-one time with yourself and God, in the presence of Jesus himself (the Eucharist).  I know this might seem like baloney to some, but to me it's an amazing experience.  We are called to spend time keeping Jesus company during Eucharistic Adoration.  He asks us himself in the garden of Gethesemane in Matthew 26 to spend an hour with Him.  So, as Catholics, some of us do just that: spend an hour or so in an Adoration chapel in a Church or designated area with the Eucharist and pray, meditate, reflect, listen, learn, read, and just open our hearts to the Lord one-on-one (this is a quiet time).
  • Part of rekindling my spirit, includes having "me" time as also mentioned previously.
  • Another part, is developing my relationships.  Duncan and I are getting married in just less than five months.  According to the Church, we will become a unified heart with Jesus.  One priest even told us that the engagement period is a time to "practice" married life (get those dirty thoughts our of your mind ;-P).  Sometimes him and I are so busy that we barely nurture our relationship with each other, much less our relationships with ourselves and with our Lord.  These are very important aspects of ourselves and who we want to be that we must not diminish their value and we must work to build on them to be fruitful in our futures.
Well, those are what I have come up with thus far.  I know I got a little religious on you, but it's a big part of whom I am, and since this is a personal post (and well, I guess my blog, right?), it just seemed like a natural fit with the topic.  I have decided to have more Wellness posts talking about various nutrition and such, because I think it is important for everyone to know more about what their bodies need.  Especially as women, we have much different needs as men.

If you've stuck with me this far, what are some of the ways you can 
increase your health in the areas of mind, body, and spirit?
I would really love to hear from you!


  1. I really love that you are doing this series! There are so many people who could probably use a little more 'wellness' in their lives. I'm certainly one of them. I love that you are taking time to actually stop and enjoy one thing instead of multitasking. It really makes you appreciate life. And I have the same problem - monkey brain. I had no clue that is what it is referred to as though! I need to do better about my routine at night. Currently I'm trying to eat better. So I guess my main focus is the body wellness. I struggle with that the most. One day at a time though! :)

  2. Amy!
    Is this the best way to reply to comments? I don't know. Haha
    I have 3 Nikons. A 35mm N80, a D3000 and a D7000. Well, actually, I also have a Coolpix. But I can't tell you the last time I touched it. Haha.
    I'm actually doing a post this weekend about my most-used photography equipment, so check back! What do you have?

  3. Thank you for posting so candidly about your health and life! I love keeping up with you :) (and I love the direction your blog is going)


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