17 January 2012

Lookbook : Dog Walks

Outfit: Cardigan from CharmingCharlie (LOVE the back!), shirt from Gap, 
jeggings from Steinmart, coat thrifted from The Drake Closet for $15.

This weekend, Duncan and I took Shelby for a walk.  (Well, I take her almost everyday, but it was nice for Duncan to be able to come join us!)  Here are some pictures from the walk as well as my outfit I wore for the occasion, plus errands, plus a dinner & froyo date.  The uggs were just for the walk, though.

Duncan with Shelby really melts my heart.  He loves her so much.  He says that Liam is his cat, Callie is my cat, but Shelby is our dog.  (They are technically all mine, but in 5 months, they are all his, too, so he might as well just accept Callie as a Smith, as well!)

(Ignore picture quality, my DSLR was too big to take for a dog walk.)

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  1. You are so amazing! A new domain and colorful header and such! Love it! And love the shirt too! And the cute lil lookbook button. Apparently I just love it all! :)


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