02 November 2011

ABC, 123, A-Z

FYI, I'm notorious for writing long emails or leaving long voicemails.  

Age: 21
Bed size: Queen
Chores that you hate: Doing the dishes, I'd rather clean the bathroom -- and I feel like that's saying a lot.  And putting my clothes away.  Doing laundry?  No problem!  Putting them away.... problem....

Dogs: I had a dog once.  I loved him.  His name was Andy.  He was a beautiful Golden Retriever.  He died unnecessarily at 8 years of age, I was a Junior in high school, and I vowed never to have a dog again.  So, I got cats.  I'm in love, though I did lose my first official baby kitty real young to an unpreventable kitten illness.  But, I had already had kitten #2 (Liam) and, as much as I miss little Gibbs, I can't help but love my cats (there is also a #3 to keep Liam company, her name is Callie).  Why cats are better than dogs is probably better left for a post other than this one ;)
Essential to start your day: Getting the snooze 2-8 times (depending on how long I can realistically avoid starting my day and attempting to miss traffic).  Then the basics I feel everyone should be doing (flossing, brushing teeth, eating a delectable breakfast--even though I usually just grab a yummy SlimFast)

Favorite color: I love colors, I don't judge.  But 2010 was the color of yellow, and 2011 has leaned towards purple.  I still love yellow!  But have noticed that in 2010 I bought/received/adopted too much yellow items.  So, now I'm pretty equally set on the colors of two of my favorite sports teams: LSU Tigers for college football and the LA Lakers for professional basketball (oh, I could really used basketball season right now......)

Gold or silver: all my life I would say silver without hesitation, now I might sit and ponder awhile.  It really depends.  My engagement ring is white gold for a special purpose.

Height: 5 feet, 2 3/4 inches --I'll take all the shortness I can get!

Ice cream: my adaptation of a Coldstone Signature Creation: Cookie Doughn't You Want Some-- 2/3 cake batter ice cream, 1/3 coffee ice cream, chocolate chips, caramel and fudge, cookie dough pieces.  Heart attack maker?  Possibly, but it's wildly delicious!

Job title: Student -- only temporarily, my friends; also photographer 

Kids: I have zero humans and two wonderful fur-babies

Live: My family (which includes Duncan and my new family-- yay, a bigger family!), my faith and God's plan for me (whatever that may be!)

Mothers name: Linda

Nicknames: Ams -- I've never really had fun nicknames, and, unfortunately, there's nothing to really work with with "Amy"

Overnight hospital stays: Only when I was born.  I've been in a hospital once when I visited someone in high school, then the lobby of a nice hospital near me, and then now, all the darn time!  But only as a patient when I was born.  My parents have informed me that that hospital no longer exists.

Pet peeves: Being interrupted.  It happens to me A LOT.  I'm getting to the point where I actually get really upset.  Before, I would be minimally upset and then get distracted by what they had to say; now, I get genuinely upset and tend to just stop talking all together --- I know, I know, I'm working on not taking it so personally!!  But, really, people, it's disrespectful -- is that something they weren't taught when they were growing up?  Parents?  Teachers?  Charm school?  Anywhere?

Quote from a movie or TV show: "It's what you do in a herd, you look out for each other" - Manny, Ice Age  It warms my heart =)  I'm going to paint this quote on to a canvas and hang it up in Duncan and my's (my's?  mine?  What's grammatically correct here?) house
Right or lefty: Righty!  Though, I'd like to be ambidextrous.  Christina Yang has inspired me to work on it...... one day......

Siblings: I am the youngest of two.  I have an older brother, who is older by ten years, and is picture above.

Time you wake up: Let's see: my alarm goes off between 5:20 and 5:45 depending on the day.  I seriously need an extra thirty minutes from the first alarm before by body is fully ready to get out of the darn bed.  In the summer, it might take 20 minutes.

Underwear: Um.... Personal question.  Honestly, I don't remember color, etc; but they offer full coverage and protection ;)

Vacation spot: mmm... I have a few places I'm dying to go: Egypt, Greece, Costa Rica, Alaska (again, actually), and Colorado

What makes you run late: Underestimating how much time I really need to get ready to go somewhere.

X-rays you've had: dental x-rays, a few spine x-rays over the years (my spine is slightly off near my neck and it kind of causes headaches and a lot of tension when I have moderate-to-heavy bags on my back or purses, etc), and my most recent reason: a CXR (chest x-ray) because I have unsolvable shortness of breath -- for all of you dorks like me, I did see my heart and lungs and was thoroughly captivated, I wish I stole that sucker

Yummy food you make: as of recently, I am very proud of my lasagna, my homemade pizza always trumps any pizza any where (I'm not bragging, but it's less greasy and very fresh), I've made a delicious skirt steak salad with homemade dressing (and it if wasn't time-consuming, I'd make it more often), then I love my orange chicken (not related to the Panda express kind).

Zombies: yes, please!  I've always liked zombie movies and games.  I think my design for an emergency preparedness kit will protect against a Zombie apocalypse, too.  I even attended a Zombie Research Conference at my university on the effects of Zombies in the media (it was part of a grade for an English class, but it was my option to go which seminar).

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