05 October 2011

WW: Wedding Planning Progress

Hello, friends!

Duncan and I have been slowly making plans.  

His new job is a priority for him right now (did I mention he snagged a super-awesome, grown-up job?  He loves it!  He's a quality assurance manager at a company.  It's perfect for him!)  My priority is surviving nursing school.  I love it, but man it's a full-time job just to pass the classes, much less ace the classes - oh yes, I am the type of person who thinks a "B" is failing.

If you didn't already know, we got a date and we sent off our save the dates for our out-of-town guests.  We also started talking about where to go for our honeymoon {have you voted in our poll on the right sidebar?}.

We've narrowed down wedding colors (my biggest concern) and know our budget.

Most of our wedding party has been asked to be attendants (100% acceptance, so far!).

We have been doing research for photographers, videographers, and caterers.  

We started a wedding website (in addition to our blog).

We narrowed down which hotel to block hotel rooms at for our guests.  My mom is working on the details and we love the hotel (we got a great deal right now, it has a lot of services, and is close in location to everything).

Hmm... I think that might be it for now?  

Here are some of the charmingest wedding websites for inspiration:
Lemon & Lavender
Once Wed
Green Wedding Shoes
The Wedding Chicks
Since I love DIY projects, I prefer the websites that kind of gear towards inspiration and ideas for DIY. But what's my favorite resources for brides, inspiration, and DIY projects, you ask?
Filled with real brides, real weddings, real advice, and a whole bunch of inspiration pictures and DIY projects.  This has Amy written all over it!

Have a charming Wednesday :)

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  1. Thanks for stopping by! I love all of these websites! I use to be a member of weddingbee until they banned me for bs. If you like sugarcoated half truths and everyone telling you how great your ideas are (even if you know deep down it's a bad idea) then weddingbee is great. Watch out for some of the mods...they take things personal and will target you. I love weddingwire.com It has everything in one spot. Forums, tools for guest list, budgets, websites, inspiration, etc.


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