25 September 2011

Sent our Save the Dates

Today, I mailed these babies off.  We decided that not everyone needed Save the Dates, but anyone and everyone who lives outside of Georgia (be it in other states or in other countries) would receive them so they would be able to plan ahead.

After going through several drafts, this is what the Save the Dates ended up looking like, and we're pretty happy with them.  They were 100% handmade -- I even had to make the stamp myself out of an adhesive foam sheet and cork since I couldn't find any stamps that were small enough.  Biggest advantage, we saved a lot of money doing these ourselves.

I hope you're having a great weekend :)


  1. These are adorable and so unique!!!

  2. Thanks Elizabeth! =) I hope everyone who received them thinks so!

  3. those are SO cute!!

    found you on something charming :)
    also--woohoo fellow nurse!


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