11 September 2011

10 Years Later & We Remember

Today, many will wake up and go about their business on Sundays.  In New York City, thousands and thousands are gathered to commemorate the 9/11 memorial.  NYC firefighters are honoring their fallen, families are remembering their beloved's who have passed that day.  
So today, I made my daily cup of honey water and realized I need to studying sometime today.  Some will go to Church, some will not. Some might get some shopping in, catch up on laundry, play video games, or enjoy the last days of summer.  Regardless, we are able to do these things because of the heros that continue to defend our freedoms, for those that did so in the 1700s, and for those who lost their lives in the past ten years.  
But today, it is about the workers of the Twin Towers, the Pentagon, the passengers on American flights 11 and 77 and on United flights 175 and 93, and the firefighters, police officers, volunteers, government workers, doctors, nurses, and many others who went in to do what they could do, and many did not make it back.

Today, I'm going to offer up something to all those who lost their lives ten years ago and dedicate a Rosary to them.  I hope all of you have a very blessed Sunday.

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