26 July 2011

European Holiday

Duncan and I are hopping across the pond to visit family and friends.

Have I mentioned that, yet? 
I really don't think I have.

It's finals week (for me and me only), we have a million and one things to do this week.
  • My last final is tomorrow morning.  THANK THE LORD.  I am ready to be DONE.  Is it a bit sad that my summer will be beginning tomorrow?  You know, at the END of July versus maybe the beginning?  Oh well, I'll take what I can get!
  • We are going SHOPPING on Thursday.  Now, I normally hate shopping because I hate trying on clothes and such (I'm a big fan of online shopping), but I haven't been since like January and I am in need a few things, like walking shoes for Europe.
  • We have a lovely Braves game scheduled with some friends whom I just adore and rarely see on Thursday.
  • Friday, nothing.  For me, at least.  Except packing and sitting down with my mom going over wedding ideas.  It's officially wedding inspiration season on this here blog.
  • Saturday: DUNCAN graduates.  Go over to our blog for more details.
  • Sunday.... I don't know what's going on on Sunday.  Except Mass.  That's pretty important, actually.
  • Monday: I'm scheduling Confession.  It's the very last thing that I always do before trips... just in case.  Kind of morbid, I know.  But, hey, I want to ensure I'll see me some Jesus.
  • Tuesday: we are out of here!  Pray for a safe trip!  Looking forward to meeting/seeing family and friends!

Here is our itinerary:

Venice to visit a good friend of mine and her husband.
Sicily to visit Duncan's mom's family.
Rome for like a day to see the Vatican City.
Scotland to visit Duncan's dad's family.
Amsterdam for like 17 hours.

We will be gone August 2-16.
I can't wait to share photos and experiences.

Have a beautiful two weeks my friends!

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  1. Wow!!!! how exciting :) Have an amazing trip. And take lots of pictures, but did I really need to tell YOU that??? And don't worry, I always go to confession before big trips too. I worry that it's a little superstitious, but then I realize Fear of the Lord is a Gift of the Holy Spirit ;-)


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