24 May 2011

CMB: #1

I was able to get into a class that I really wanted after over a month of practically begging & pleading--and lots of prayer for patience and understanding for if I didn't get the class.

I started my first IV on a patient on Thursday and my first IM injection on Friday.  It was amazing.  I was successful, so don't worrand I couldn't stop smiling afterwards.  As of Friday, I have done everything regarding needles.  Ah, the simple joys of being a nursing student.

Duncan had exciting news on Friday, so I decided to surprise him before he left for the weekend to visit his family.  Google said it would take 1 hour and 15 minutes for me to get to him.  At 3:30pm on a Friday (rush hour traffic), traveling from below the airport below I-285 to several miles above I-285, I was able to get there in exactly 1 hour.  Yay!  A lot of traffic is the last thing I wanted to deal with after two long days at the hospital.

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