21 May 2011


Got to looooveeee exciting moments in life!

This is Jona.  He is my little brother.
Except not really, but I love him anyways.

Today, he graduated from our high school.
I know he's probably not that excited, but I am still so proud of him.

He's taking the next year off for the Church.
Something I was not able to do, so I am incredibly envious.

I pray for his next adventures and I know that God has something amazing planned for him.

I'm sharing some photos from my graduation.
I miss my short hair sooooooooooooo much.

With Jonnaaa =D
Some of these girls have been in my Encounter teams recently.
Line up for pictures

Meet my adorable grandfather.  I love him.
This family has been incredibly important to me, especially during high school.
They became a second family to me.
This is my first family, haha.  My wonderful two parents.
Can you tell the resemblances?  

Have a wonderful weekend!

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