02 March 2011

Funky times in Texas.

I got in from Texas late last night. Funny story (except not really): I almost missed my flight home from Austin to Atlanta. I made it 20 minutes after the scheduled boarding time and 20 minutes before scheduled departure. Fortunately, there were so few people scheduled on the flight that they didn't feel the need to board earlier than necessary. Yes!

Quick summary of my wonderful trip:

Arrived in Austin Saturday.
My awesome friend, Allie, picked me up from airport.
Walked down the streets of downtown Austin.
Got drinks at a bar then headed to get Mexican in SoCo (South Congress).
Went to hotel, slept, woke, church in Waco.
Toured farm.
Went on a run (how beautiful it was!).
Cooked a FABULOUS, HEALTHY dinner.
Slept (& enjoyed a fiesty storm).
Woke, smoked 9 turkeys for like 12 hours (note to self: never again).
Helped make lunch for the farm.
Went on a long walk with Allie.
Made another funky, delicious meal.
Spoke with two cool Africans.
Bed. Woke up late (oops!).
Made a meal for 50 people out of whatever was left in the farm's kitchen.
Want to know what we made? Soup, frips (my personal potato recipe in which the potatoes are a cross between fries and chips), salad with fresh grown spinach and homemade french dressing, and homemade oatmeal raisin cookies.
Drove to Austin. Sat in traffic.
Barely caught my flight by running across the airport twice in boots,
two quite heavy bags when you are running, and a coat on.
But, I enjoyed three seats all by myself on the plane and we took off during sunset.

Overall, Allie and I had some fabulous talks and it was just the trip I needed to get away from the hectic, business of my life in Atlanta because of school. I didn't even know what time it was for most of the trip!

Oh, and the highlight of the trip: I was able to have some great time thinking about what God is asking me to do in my life right now.

Here are some pictures:
Meet Allie. She is awesome. She's going to save people in El Salvador next year.

Scenes from downtown Austin.

Scenes from the farm.

The chickens were genuinely free-range. They had an entire field and then some more.

The goats were also free-range.
They was a dairy to milk them and there were several babies and kid goats. Did you know that centenarians in Sardinia drink goat milk and that is attributed to their long, healthy lives? Also, goats are JUST like dogs. They are playful, smart, and LOVE being around humans. Bonuses: they don't bark and they give you milk, cheese, and soap. Myth-buster: they don't smell any more than a dog would.

Oh, I do believe I want some.

There were puppies that were born earlier this year...
... and plenty of cheeky farm cats.
Two meals on the farm:
Breakfast of grapefruit, oatmeal, fresh made bread,

green smoothie with fresh ingredients, and organic coffee.

FABULOUS dinner that we made up ourselves:

Beets, onions, spinach, garlic stir-fry in molasses and apple cider vinegar.
Goat meat sausage.
The molasses added a sweet taste to the veggies
and the sausage was spicy to complement.

Finally, I snuck a picture of the sunset as I was leaving Texas.
I was a bit emotional because I didn't want to leave and come home to the millions of things I have to do to catch up / get ahead on for school.


  1. OMG! The same thing happened to my BF and I today. We had a flight from FLL to ATL at 5:45 am and got there 27 min before and they wouldn't let us on the flight, we had to go on the next. Never happened to me before, crazy! Looks like you had fun though:)

  2. This trip sounds AMAZING!!! Looks like it was just want you needed too :)


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