26 February 2011

Howdy! I am Texas bound!

A good friend of mine moved to Texas last summer. I haven't seen her since and I thought that my Spring Break would be the perfect time to visit her (since I don't know when I would have another chance with school). I leave today, and I am quite excited! My dad is from Texas, so I think it is likely that I went when I was a very young girl. I'm the type of person who is excited to go anywhere just because it's someplace new to experience.

Another good friend of mine hopped on a plane to Rome, Italy yesterday to visit her husband who lives outside of Venice. Oh, how I would love to have been on that plane. But hey, there's a Paris, Texas, right?

My goal for this trip: pack light and do not check bags.
I think I was VERY successful. I even have extra room! =)

It's been a rough week with school, so, boy, am I ready to be away from here distracting myself from all the stress that came this week.

In preparation for Texas, I found some yummy finds.
Crescent Moon Brass Earrings with Turquoise by BeadsbyEvelyn (in Savannah!)
A Vegan Snakeskin Purse by DesignsByAmbiana

The following are my "if I had a lot of money, these are what I would buy" items:
Ralph Lauren (!) Cowboy Boots
This Louis XVI Gorgeous Couch from Bohemiennes. I want this in my palace.

Hope everyone has a delightful, safe weekend!

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