21 January 2011

Mmmm... Friday.

Hellooooo weekend!

If only you consisted of a Parisien getaway.

Too bad that doesn't mean too much because I am still making up lost time from when my entire first week of school was cancelled due to winter weather... darn that snowpocalypse.

I got my hospital assignment yesterday. I am very excited to be starting my clinicals in a few weeks. My friend and I still kind of surreal being in the nursing program. Only a year ago we were sitting down in our very first nursing pre-requisite class and now we are sitting down and our very [many] first nursing classes. Whew, time flies when you're.....not-having-too-much-fun-because-you-are-taking-full-course-loads-year-round-and-working-hard-to-ace-all-of-them-in-order-to-meet-the-application-requirements-to-apply-to-the-nursing-program-asap-in-order-to-graduate-asap-and-start-life (that sentence officially required another "whew")!

Well, it's Friday so I've been trying to play catch up on school and the many other things I've needed to do. But, I got a lovely little promotional magazine in the mail that led me to check out what's new in Etsy this week. Here are my finds:

These are Owl Tea Bag Holders by My Polka Dot Pottery.

I have a thing for owls lately + I always love a good cup o' tea.

Being a nursing student I saw this in "Geekery" courtesy of An Optimistic Cynic

and automatically fell in love. I think I might buy one for me

and one for my friend just in honor of everything.

This is totally TOO cool for words because

--being a nursing student AND a dork--
this makes me happy because I know just how these two organs work.
Can anyone guess what the first picture is?

It's pretty much just as awesome as the heart.

This Modern White on White Heart Art in Large Shadow Frame by Artisteboheme
would be a really pretty addition...somewhere...in my home.

White additives really add kind of an earthy/clean/comfy feel sometimes/

Mmm.. spices in a kit by Spice Spice Baby.

My father loves spicy, so much so in fact, I have witnessed him

add tabasco sauce to spaghetti. Now, my boyfriend loves spicy, too.

In fact, we love Indian food (really any ethnic food).

So, this might be a fun kit to experiment with different types of spices,

though some of them might not be as hot. What fun recipes we could make!

And, yum, mango powder.

How I would really like to make this my new LBD.

Alexandra King of Make Me A Dress did such a brilliant job with this.
And I am in love. It's modest, it's a hint of vintage, it is so classy, and with
a bun and some diamonds I am picturing Audrey Hepburn. Yay!

P.S. Yesterday I learned that Pantone has declared the color of 2011:
So, go nuts, all you honeysuckle fans! It is your year! HOORAY!

Have a delightful weekend!

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