25 January 2011

Cafe-loving & Monday-bumming

My weekend consisted of yummy pizza, yummy Coldstone's icecream, playing catch up with school (much like today), studying for a medical terminology quiz, studying for a pharmacology quiz, and then going to the Perimeter area to meet up with people at a wonderful little European cafe/bistro that has blessed the Greater Atlanta Area: Cafe Intermezzo.

If you live in Atlanta, and you love European flavor, tea, and sandwiches as much as I do, then you should find a location closest to you as soon as possible. Tea lovers: get Nine Bend Black Dragon as a refreshing after meal delight. Dress to your likings and enjoy. It's my new favorite...now I just need to know where I can buy it.

Here are some pictures of the evening at Cafe Intermezzo.
Meet boyfriend. He doesn't like pictures to be taken of him...knowingly, hehe.

Also, please meet my dinner buddy, Nero the Nutcracker.

I love Nutcrackers, so I was pleased to be joined by him.

Pastrami panini. Paninis make delightful meals.

The marvelous desert assortments being carefully explained to us

so we are guaranteed to get matched with the best possible desert.
Wonder what I chose?
Well, it's no wonder what I was going to get as soon as the kind
lady told me about its existence:
Mint. Chocolate. Cake.
YES, it DOES exist, people.
And it will satisfy your taste buds.
Notice the fabulous cake accompanied by Nine Bend Black Dragon?
(Tea name is fun to say!)
The Stella, my friends, is boyfriend's chosen drink.

He loves ordering beer out, particularly a Stella Artois--

I just love saying Stellllaaaa.

Oh.kay. I'm done with my storytelling.

Monday was spent in classes all day long. Why did I say Monday-bumming? Because, in spite of being in a nursing program surrounded by various well-established and brilliant nurses and doctors of all different levels and specialties, they thought it would be an excellent idea to have approximately 70 students sitting in their bums in the same exact classroom, in the same exact seat, from 830-1745 (8:30 AM - 5:45 PM). I then had to drive 30 miles home.... on my bum. Weren't we just taught that patients need to be rearranged every two hours to prevent bed sores and tissue death? Well... my bum could very well have sores. Oh, well, at least I am loving classes!


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