16 January 2011

January Day Date

[Outfit Christmas gift from boyfriend's sister.
From Banana Republic.
First time wearing it & I love it!]
Long week of being semi-busy since the snow & ice was limiting.

This means that it was date day since my weekend trip got postponed.

We ate at my favorite restaurant: Panera.
If any one else loves a good hot panini with soup,

then you would understand that I had a delightful lunch.

Mmm.. Frontega chicken & broccoli cheddar soup.
And I was also able to finally see Little Fockers.
If you were thinking I should have already seen it, I agree.

So, I got a Groupon email this morning about nuts. Personally, I have never had a liking for nuts (unless they are mixed in things like chocolate, salads, yogurt, etc-- in which case I love them). But, I like to see what other daily deals they are offering & I came across this:
I totally bought two of his deals. So I have $100 worth of products from Mixbook that I have until next January to spend. Though it's unfortunate that they don't print prints, there's still a couple of photobooks and calendars that I can order for gifts and such. $100 worth for $30. As a photographer without my own super awesome printing shop at hand, this is like Christmas in... uh.. January, haha. As you can see, this deal doesn't last that much longer. So take advantage soon here!
Happy Sunday.

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