19 January 2011

Day 1 = Long + Successful

GSU nursing patch on my GSU scrubs/uniform.
Hey now, this is a delightful picture after 12 months of

some serious hard work. =)

Why hello!
First day of classes today for the Spring semester.
After months of anticipation, classes are finally beginning.
Though I spent four hours in one class (two of those hours going over the syllabus),
I would say I am pretty darn excited about this semester over all!
Now I am chillen on my computadora at my good friend's house since she lives five minutes away from campus and I live well... 30-40 minutes away and we have an 8am lab (that is 6 hours long!--can we say, oomph?)

Kind of sad news: the other day, my very thoughtful university sent me an email telling me that I can apply to graduate this summer. If only, right? Silly, GSU. I may have the credit hours, but none of them create a major to graduate with (unfortunately! Don't you wish you could just graduate once you have 120 hours and that be called a Liberal Arts Degree? ---too bad GSU isn't a liberal arts university... just a research university... meaning I need to have an actual major). But, 18 months until I am free! 18 long, nonstop months. Man, I am excited!
This is a [very blurry] picture I took [on my phone] at GSU's library.
Apparently, you can day trade in between classes.
I must start doing this.
Now I need to buy some stocks.
Any suggestions welcome! =)

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  1. I am a reader of your blog, and I just found out that you are graduating from my alma mater! :) I didn't know where you lived until I saw Breanna's blog... I graduated in 2009 (spent SO MUCH TIME commuting)! But I am graduating from nursing in May 2013 in Arizona. So excited, especially to see your interest in design and creativity, passion for not just med-surg style nursing, and being led by the Spirit. I am REFRESHED =) - keep it up!


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