15 August 2010

Organization is key.

I am a big lover of organization.  I think that being organization greats big success and as I am getting ready to start another semester, I am definitely getting prepared and getting organized.  So far, I have created a binder for Phi Alpha Theta (in which I am now President and need to be organized), I'm getting all the syllabi for my classes and reading through them (I have to get a lab coat for microbiology lab...interesting, huh?), and I have even gone so far as to reorganize my room and workspace.  I am happy and so excited for this semester.  

Here are my biggest improvements for organization that I have done in the past week:
I love shelves.  I think they instantly improve any space. 
(Ignore the tilting and color coding--which probably won't last long.)
I am so happy to have a clean desk to work and study!

 Here are some other fun organization ideas: 

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