12 May 2010

Summer has arrived.

I love summer.
The air, the fun, the memories.
But, most importantly, being (relatively) stress free.

School is over.
My final exams have been taken & all I am waiting on now is my final grades & new GPA calculations. Anatomy I was probably the most challenging class I have ever taken, but I am loving my calling in life and hoping that His plan is continuing on for me. Thinking like this helps me have the strength, optimism, and confidence to continue on in the extremely stressful times.

Summer classes are starting soon.
I am taking Microbiology, Medical Terminology, and Political Science. I am so used to going to school that my brain and body doesn't know what to do now that I have no school and nothing to study but I am enjoying every minute of it because I know that summer classes are going to take a lot out of me & then, quickly after, fall semester is going to start. Oh, I just cannot wait until I am in the program so I have my summers off!

Leaving for the Caribbean on Sunday.
This is a much needed vacation I cannot wait for! I shall be scuba diving and enjoying the delicious stress-free air.

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