25 May 2010

Puerto Rico

Just returned from the cruise and had many opportunities to take pictures.
The passengers embarked the cruise from San Juan, Puerto Rico. We arrived several hours early and had time to board, put our luggage in our room, and then head out in to San Juan to taste some Puerto Rican flavor!

We decided that the one thing that we would see in San Juan would be the San Felipe del Morro fort. By the time we arrived at the fort (due to boarding the ship delays and then waiting on the trolley in San Juan) we literally had maybe 20 minutes left in order to view the fort. These are the quick pictures I got from that.

Then we waited another 30 minutes (soaking up the view as well) for a trolley before deciding to go ahead and start walking until we find one since we needed to be back on ship. Unfortunately, a trolley never came and we all had to walk about 2-3 miles back to the cruise ship in a city we had never been before. It was quite the exercise that we (maybe) needed!

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