14 July 2013

#Tia&Tamera Season 3 Kicks off TONIGHT

I loved Sister, Sister growing up.  And then I loved following Tia & Tamera as they grew up and then watching Tia Mowry on The Game.  I guess that makes Tia my favorite of the two -- who is yours?


Anyways, The Style Network reached out to me to help promote the new season and I had no problems saying yes! :)  So here is a little information for you to get you ready for tonight!  I'll be tuning in -- will you? 

For Tia, she embraces her fun, sexy side now that Cree is a little older while she prepares for a new TV series role that will allow her to showcase her comedic chops once again. Tamera begins to stand up more to her sister by expressing her opinions – even if it’s opposite Tia’s – and looks to turn her ability to gab into a full-time gig as a talk show host. As business partners, the sisters are eager to debut their next product line for moms – a cream to help reduce stretch marks. Yet, they have different views on how to run their business which causes tension between the close twins.

When to Watch – Sundays, starting July 14th 8/7C on Style Network

Season 1: Twin sisters and best friends, Tia Mowry Hardrict and Tamera Mowry-Housley, who became overnight teen sensations for their hit comedy series “Sister, Sister,” take viewers behind the scenes and into their real life excitement in the new Style Network docu-series “Tia & Tamera.”  From an early age, the sisters have grown up before the cameras, blossoming into beautiful, successful women with thriving acting and producing careers.  Now in their 30s, Tia and Tamera face their biggest and most challenging roles yet – for Tia, becoming a first-time mother and for Tamera, it’s making the transition from fiancée to wife.  Fans will have an all-access pass to Tia’s baby shower and arrival of the new baby and Tamera’s bridal shower, bachelorette party and wedding as the cameras document the good times and the dramatic moments.

Season 2: While her sister may have written a book about being pregnant, Tamera is determined to carve her own path during her pregnancy, often making very different and divisive decisions. With acting gigs, travel plans and business opportunities placed in front of her, Tamera vows not to let the pregnancy slow her down.  For Tia, the threat of losing her long-standing role on her television series forces her to turn to other career opportunities, giving her the chance to spread her wings in business with an eye on her image and brand.

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Watch TONIGHT as Tia & Tamera kick of season 3 on 
The Style Network where they, too, try to have it all.



  1. I have never watched this show but now I might have to start!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  2. I will fully admit to not even reading this post. I don't want ANY spoilers. I'm an ass and forgot to set my DVR! I'm hoping it's being shown again sometime today... or this week. I idolized these 2 growing up. And they're just as gorgeous now.


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