25 July 2013

The Atlanta Street Food Festival

Review of the Atlanta Street Food Festival
Saturday, July 13 my in-laws and I headed to Piedmont Park in downtown Atlanta for some food truck goodness.  Well, it ended up being a terrible idea.  

The host of the event did not provide any instructions as far as where to park (we circled the same few blocks several times before settling on a parking lot that was still a few blocks away from the park... I guess the park's parking garage was not for festival participants) and then getting our tickets and finding certain trucks and stands was a pain.  Then, my husband spend over an hour standing in line for his dinner.  And by the time we got there a lot of the food was gone (we arrived about 5pm when the festival would be over about 8pm).  But what do you expect?  I don't blame the food trucks at all.  This was a great idea to get their name out!

Needless to say, this will be our last food truck festival.  BUT we can look up online and see where our favorite food trucks are and just go check them out whenever we want and not deal with the crowds.  Sounds much better.  In fact, my husband's company has my favorite food "truck" vendor once a month at their Farmer's Market for employees and their families.  

The Food Trucks
Speaking of my favorite food cart vendor, if you're in Atlanta, he's the King of Pops.  He makes homemade popsicles out of local fruit.  Delicious.  I remember when he first got started and he was always hanging out around Georgia State University.  

I tried Happy Belly Curbside Kitchen with their locally grown foods and vegan and vegetarian options.  
Husband tried Freckled & Blue and highly recommends the steak sandwich saying that it was "awesome."

You can also check out the Atlanta Food Truck Park & Market.

Atlanta has dozens of food trucks ranging from southern cooking, asian cuisine, crepes, and gelato.  I know where we live in the summer there are mini food truck festivals every Thursday and then all the farmer's markets seem to have a food truck or two.  My mom even says her office has a different food truck at her office every day for the employees to try for lunch.  I think Atlanta is proud of it's street side cuisine options -- and I'm pretty proud of it, too!


  1. I'll have to tell my cousin about this. They live in Warner Robins and she was commenting on a food truck thing I'm doing next weekend saying there's never anything fun like that by them.

  2. I am craving some of this right now! Looks like a blast! :)

  3. I've always wanted to go to that kind of thing---food trucks interest me. haha I've never tried one, though!

    Soo....King of Pops, huh? Would he have worked the Glow in the Dark 5K Dance Party a few weeks ago!?!?!! My mom, sister, and I walked it and got some popsicles from (maybe) him?

    Maybe we'll actually have to meet up one time! Food truck double date? haha


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