09 July 2013


Wow.  A lot has happened in the past few months!
Lost some weight (yay!), getting ready for my sister in law's wedding,
graduating from nursing school, moving to our first house (#thecharmingsfirsthouse),
making our house a home, a vacation with my great friend, a baby shower, 
our one year anniversary, a big birthday for my husband (and a weekend long celebration),
and so much more.  

Still to come: my birthday; finishing my internship;
taking my licensure exam; Haven Conference in Atlanta; 
the arrival of my godson!; a month long vacation to 
Seattle, Portland, Vancouver, and Colorado;
my sister-in-law's wedding.

Phew. I think things will start to settle down in October.
But I'll be excited to share my adventures with you all if you let me!


  1. Girl, you've got so much going on!!

    Congrats on graduation and weight loss and your new house! That's all so exciting...can't wait to read all about it!

  2. Sounds like you have had an amazing year so far and quite the incredible time ahead of you as well! Congrats on all of your accomplishments- can't wait to read about all of your upcoming adventures!


  3. Great pictures! So colorful, fun, and happy! You look great by the way! You have so many exciting things coming up!


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