18 July 2013


Have you checked out Minted?  I totally love paper and photo products and Minted just has me so excited!  I swear, I think this company is just for me!

They are best known for their Christmas cards, like these: 
Their card shape options are totally to die for!

But they also have so many other great paper and photo products with a lot of unique designs.

Say hello to some new stationery for Amy:

However, what I originally discovered Minted for was because I'm looking at getting more business and calling cards.  You see, I normally design my own business cards, but I have an upcoming conference just around the corner and very little time to get creative.  However, I refuse do your typical business cards (is that a blogger thing??!), so I need some nice, fancy, artsy premade designs to choose from!  Here are some of my absolute favorite designs to inspire you ::

What are your favorites?
Are you totally smitten over Minted like I am right now?

Two last favorites I'm going to show you are art prints from Minted:
(shop here)
(shop here)


  1. I LOVE minted. I haven't purchased anything from them yet, but I am totally in love with the notebooks. What blog conference?


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