06 June 2013

Meet Mandi from All My Happy Endings

Hi, I’m Mandi. I write over at All My Happy Endings where I tell stories. About me. My life. My faith.  About being a mother. A wife. A friend. A working woman. A product consumer. A DIYer. In no particular order. I write from a personal perspective and anticipate you will find something hopeful in the words, something that perhaps calls courage out from places within that have been forgotten. 

Thank you for your unrelenting encouragement and support – I appreciate you!

1. What are your favorite ways to stay creative? Wow, this question stumped me. I am noticing an abundance of new bloggers surface – crafters, painters, and writers too – and wonder if creativity is the province of the young. At 35, I am certainly less creative than I was 10 years ago. But thanks to the birth of Pinterest, it’s inspired me to take on new challenges. It’s important to prevent putting yourself in a box, so to speak.

2. Where do you get inspiration? Gaining inspiration is incredibly difficult at times. As a writer, I often suffer from “writers block” which can be a major hurdle for a blogger. But I’ve come to realize that my followers don’t expect to be hypnotized by my prose. They appreciate the simple moments of my daily life – inspired by my children and my husband…my favorite people in the world. For it is with them, that I’m often reflective, about life, about humanity, about love. Children, with their fresh outlook on life, can change the way you view the world.

3. Brag about Houston, Tx.  On the eighth day, natives around here say, God created Texas. On the ninth, Texans started bragging. Specifically, for Houston, it’s a great place to live. Houston provides a vast arena of jobs, it’s a fairly low cost of living comparatively speaking, and most importantly gracious 

4. How do you incorporate your faith into your family? Good question. This definitely sparked some reflection on my end. Overall, there is a Godly expectation for each member in our family – a spiritual statement so to speak. We encourage fellowship in our home by having dinner as a family Sunday through Thursday, where we discuss “highs and lows.” This time together is a wonderful way to reproduce one’s day and identify blessings and his or her thoughts.

5. How did you come about blogging? Initially, my blog was nothing more than a means to stay connected to loved ones across the miles. A method of sharing our goings on, but also a mode of journaling my experiences and thoughts along the way. My blog has only become public since November 2012, and it’s morphed into a myriad of topics from lifestyle, parenting, inspiration, to blogging tips, mama fashion, and giveaways. But above all, it’s my story.

The name All My Happy Endings pretty much describes my mission in life – to choose happiness no matter my circumstance. And to share my deliverance from life’s everyday challenges.

6. How do you like to spend your weekends? I work full-time outside the home during the week, so I try to make up for lost time over my weekends – cuddling in bed in the early morning, tickles and giggles just prior to an evening out to the park, maybe even a wrestle-fest here and there. My husband and I are rather kid- and fun-centric – we like to do activities that that bonds us as an out-and-about family. Sometimes that includes activities that border extreme – biking, paddle boarding, jet-skiing, wakeboarding, surfing, hiking, and running. Weekend warrior trips might also include long drives, late Sunday night arrivals, and sore, tired bodies come Monday morning. But it was worth!

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  1. I love your blog, Mandi! It's nice to get to know you a little bit more. :)


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