27 June 2013


Well, friends, yesterday marked a historic day on the calendar - making today a historic day on the blog because I'm actually going to talk about politics and personal opinions.

As many of you may or may not know, I am a proud Catholic.

But I'm also very political and consider myself very educated and fall somewhere in line with Independents and Libertarians.  I was originally a history major and was almost done graduating with a Bachelors in History on the fast track to a doctorate when I switched to nursing.  So I enjoy reading about the founding of our country and the principles this country was founded on.  I think the Constitution is an amazing, living, breathing document.

With all that said, I am very proud of what happened yesterday.  I think this is a great step forward for our nation. 

Do I agree with being homosexual?  Well, what does that matter?  I don't even have an opinion.  I am heterosexual and so is my husband (obviously).  What I do believe in is equality.  I don't know where I fall on the line of whether homosexuality is nature or nurture (nor do I care), but I know I do believe that government should stay the heck out of the matter.  No government should even bother themselves with what human marries another human (keep in mind, I'm saying human because I know some people are like, "well if gays can marry, then I can now go marry my goat...").

I believe our federal government is supposed to protect its people and keep them safe, as well as a few other things like trade, roads, etc.  Certain other things should be left to the states.  But marriage?  Don't politicians have better things to do than decide whether everyone should be equal or not?  Really we are just now figuring something out?

Now, a great point was brought up that religion should have been left out of the argument of keeping a marriage between a man and a woman because then the ruling would have gone the other way.  The argument was that the "Religious Right" was being too dramatic and they should have sticked to the fact that the original reason a government entity gave benefits to marriage (before Christianity) was for the purpose of procreation.

Well, this may be true, but those that want children will adopt the kids that desperately need parents.  There are more than 250,000 children entering the foster system annually.  People that can't biologically have kids, whether because they are gay, lesbian, single, or have a physical impairment, will adopt one (or more) of these kids needing a home with loving parents.

Congratulations to the LGBT community and for what this means for you going forward!

Note: the Catholic Church does not have problem with the LGBT community.  They do not think these individuals are less than human or anything.  They simply believe that marriage belongs to a man and a woman because they, like the history of government, believe that one of the main purposes of the act of sexual intercourse is for procreation.  Ergo, heterosexuality is the way to go for the Church and other religions that may stick to this philosophy.  You can't blame them for that for that way of thinking.  If you don't agree, just move on.  I personally just believe that politics should not have a say over nonpolitical issues.


  1. This was beautifully written, thank you for sharing your views and opinions! I agree a with a lot of things you said, but I think you nailed it when you talked about equality-- everyone deserves it! Now we are just moving closer to that! Thank you for sharing!

  2. I completely agree with what you have written here. Thanks for sharing such an honest perspective and post!

  3. This quote: "Do I agree with being homosexual? Well, what does that matter? I don't even have an opinion. I am heterosexual and so is my husband (obviously). What I do believe in is equality. I don't know where I fall on the line of whether homosexuality is nature or nurture (nor do I care), but I know I do believe that government should stay the heck out of the matter." IS AMAZING. And totally what I feel too!!!!! SO RAD!!! So proud of CALIFORNIA!!!

  4. I agree with everything!! Who cares if someone is homosexuel or heterosexual, all that matters is that the government allow people to marry. This is a free country and as a free country people should be allowed to marry whomever they choose. But definitely not goats! lol
    Sincerely, Sara

  5. Honorable perspective, Amy -- so glad you said what so any of us feel. I'm far from being liberal, from being gay, from being pro-life, but I do believe in equality.


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