22 May 2013

Nursing Graduation

On May 9 and 10, I went to two graduation ceremonies (and was so done with graduating I ditched the major university ceremony in the Georgia Dome - where the Atlanta Falcons and the Georgia State Panthers play football).  On May 10 was my pinning ceremony within the nursing school.  It was a lovely little ceremony in which my husband and my parents came.  Then we joined my brother in Buckhead for lunch.  

On Saturday, we had dinner with my family and my in-laws and I just felt so loved to have so much support to help me celebrate.
My Parents and I after the Pinning Ceremony
They have always been my main support system in my life and I definitely wouldn't be here without both their guidance and their trust in me to lead my own life by myself.  They are beyond amazing and I am so blessed.
My partner in crime, we met January 2010 in pre-nursing classes, enrolled in the nursing program at the same time, been on three vacations together (Venice, Italy, NYC, and Jekyll Island), she was my maid of honor at my wedding, and she knows how to bring me back to reality.  Now, we are eagerly awaiting the birth of her son !!

With my Prince Charming.  He was the first person I told that I wanted throw everything out the window and become a nurse.  He's seen me through the long, exhausting days at the hospital, as I've cried and been overwhelmed, and, of course, he's seen my achievements and couldn't stop reminding me how proud he is of me.

Lastly, this past Saturday, I celebrated with a great friend of mine from high school who also graduated this month.

What's next?  Well, I have an internship this summer at an amazing hospital system known nationally for the quality of the healthcare provided.  I got an internship in a field that I want to work in (Pediatrics) so I am ready to get started!  I will be working night shifts (which I am actually excited about except for the fact that I still have day jobs so I am worried about how my sleep schedule -- or lack thereof -- will affect me).  After my internship, I will be taking the licensure exam in the fall.  Of course, I should be looking for jobs and studying for the exam this summer.


  1. Congrats! That internship sounds really exciting!

  2. Congrats, fellow GSU alumna!!! and good luck on the internship and other future endeavors!

  3. Congratulations Amy!! So exciting about your internship! It's easy to see why so many people in your life have your support. Work hard, play hard! :)

  4. Aw felicitaciones, dear Amy!!! What a blast :D! Hope your new career welcomes you w/many blessings!


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