02 May 2013

Meet Rekita + a #giveaway

Hi Charmings! I am Rekita and I blog over at Her & Nicole. I know the name is kind of confusing, I know because I have had people comment and call me Nicole. Which is perfectly fine because I am both Rekita and Nicole. I like to think I have an alter-ego like Beyonce has Sasha Fierce, except I am not as fierce. But Rekita is the mommy, the army wife (Hooah.), and your friend. Nicole is the artist (sort of), and a creative writer. But both Rekita and Nicole loves to make you laugh and smile. Confused yet? Any-who my blog is basically about my growing family (expecting a little Missy in August), things that will make you ROFL, things that make me go "oooohh", and Design!

You are the only female in a house full of boys.  What is that like for you as a lifestyle blogger?
Since I am a stay at home mom, it can sometimes be very chaotic in my household. I could be typing something and end up typing a conversation me and my 4 year old are having. Or my toddler would have a fit if I dare open my laptop and as soon as I close it he is happy. But at times, having them to snap me back into reality really helps. I can spend hours trying to maintain my blog and maintaining connections. I learned to get more organized and have daily routine. The big question is do I stay organized and stick to my routine....um, not always. But if I didn't at least try, my husband would probably divorce me, lol.

Any parenting tips?
Oh my God, no! My kids are crazy. Lol, I just say you have to be patient and creative. Especially if you have multiple children, you have to have a routine and sometime for yourself. Also realize that Child #2 can and will be totally different from Child #1. My boys are like night and day.

You've been with your husband for 14 years total (since you were a Freshman in high school!), and have gone through deployments, what have you learned about yourself as well as being one of two during that time?
Wow, I knew that man that long? First I just wanted to say, I adore my husband and he is my biggest blog supporter. With us being apart, I had to be a little stronger not just for myself but for my husband and children. I knew he was having a rough time being thousands of miles away, so I tried to make things great at home and not complain to him alot. It was very hard and there were times when I felt like giving up, but I would think of what he is going through and just keep moving.

You are very creative and do blog designs, what is a design tip you think everyone should know?
I have been through like 50 designs maybe. I have say the best design tip is to have an organized blog. Your really doesn't need the fancy fonts, vibrant colors, or graphics. However, a clean, fresh, and organized blog is easier to read and will have people coming back.

What do you look for when developing your style as a woman?
I look for something that is trendy yet comfortable and casual.  I also look at the prices, I have a growing family you know!

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  1. Cute family!! Loving this post :-) Xo

  2. Rekita you had me laughing with your alter ego banter! Thanks for introducing me to a new blog and hosting this giveaway Amy :)

  3. Rekita always have me rolling. Funny girl. She always share great design tips which I think is really cool. :-)

    Who is that girl Mo?


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