10 May 2013

Happy Friday!


Hello lovelies!  Sorry it's been a slow week here on the blog.  
You see, it was finals week the last two weeks, I have a few jobs, we are in the process of buying a house (yay!), I graduate this week (double yay!), and I have a mega giveaway coming up on Monday and the magazine launch the week after that (triple & quadruple yay!).... so my time has been spread pretty thin.  But I know you'll forgive me with all the exciting things coming up both personally and on the blog!

Until then.... here are my oh, so charming finds of the week: 

>> Information about trans fats and reading a label.

>> Chocolate chip & granola bagels recipe.

>> Twenty things Jessica...Who? learned in her early twenties.

>> How Kaitlyn and her husband got rid of $30,000+ of debt so that she could become a stay at home mom.

>> DIY tree stump side tables.

>> "The Happy Mom" by All My Happy Endings
>> Her & Nicole share tips on creating a blog media kit
>> A basic html cheat sheet compiled by All My Happy Endings
>> Check out Sincerly, Lo's military style outfit -- too fun :)
>> Heavens to Betsy has some great photographs from NYC up on her blog

>> $500 Visa Giftcard
>> Samsung Galaxy Tablet or $350 to Amazon
>> $150 PayPal cash
>> $100 to Sephora
>> $50 GC's to Macy's and Target
>> $230

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