03 April 2013

Virtual Baby Shower

For the Tiffany's baby shower, I wanted to do the little "thank you for coming" table.  

I don't have any white walls, so ignore the paneling!  I tried covering them up with some hand-dyed tulle...  Oh well.

As you can see, there are little mustaches everywhere, including on the lid of each of the baby bottles, which are stuffed with blue and green Jelly Beans that I got from Amazon.  For the "guestbook," I used 3.5"x5" notecards for people to write down tips and wishes then use a clothespin to pin up to the tulle to add to the backdrop.  Also, I love the guest the arrival/delivery date game and set that up.  I found striped pencils I believe from the dollar section of Michaels.

Tiffany -- congratulations on having a little boy!  We all could not be more excited for you!  Make sure to take plenty of pictures and soak up your little boy's gestures, glances, sounds, smells, and grasps.  Also, get as much rest as possible!


  1. Cute decorations! I love the arrival date guessing, and I've never thought of using a calendar for it before, much easier!

  2. I LOVE the table. And I like the calendar guessing too...thanks for some great ideas (:

  3. I love the decorations you put together, and that you got so much of it at such good prices!

  4. This looks great! Love the little mustaches :) Thank you so much!


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