16 April 2013

Monday Inspiration

So... this is a day late, but better late than never, eh?

So... I love Amy Poehler so much.  She's so wonderful and she started something called Smart Girls at the Party and it's all about inspiring women who have achieved greatness by just being themselves.  It's so awesome.  She also does a series called Ask Amy where fans will ask questions and she'll vlog her answers and advice.

Here are some of those great vlogs!  If you have time, take a look or listen!  She's so awesome.  Each vlog is only a few minutes each.

On Courage
"Bridging that gap... getting out of your comfort zone... 
that is what life is... you might find out something about yourself..."
"Step in to life."

On Stress
"Take it bird by bird."

On Making Decisions
1. Gather information
2. Meditate
3. Take action
"We don't want to be stuck... we don't want to be paralyzed... 
taking risks and making choices is what makes life exciting."

On Loving Your Body
"Have some gratitude."
"Everybody is different, every body is different."


  1. I love her! I need to watch these when I get out of work

  2. She is such an inspiring person! I love her on Parks and Recreation. Thanks for the videos; I had no idea she had a vlog!

  3. I love her! She's so funny on Parks and Recreation! :D


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