11 April 2013

Meet Halie!

Hello readers of The Charming! First, I'm already excited about getting to know you guys, for real! I love making new blog-friends :) Second, I'd like to tell y'all a little bit about myself and my blog. I'm gonna keep it short and sweet though, since let's be real honest here, the majority of guest posts tend to get overlooked... ;)

I've been blogging for a little over two and a half years now, but really only started to pick it up more seriously last October. Since then, I feel like it's kind of exploded, and I'm still shocked daily when I see how many people read and comment on each post. I am so genuinely thankful for that every time! It's just so much fun being a part of this blogging community.

As for "topics" on my blog, they can kind of be all over the place... I attempt crafts sometimes, and recipes from Pinterest pretty often. I am also trying to get better at attempting my own nail art. And that's been a fun experience! I've recently started trying to force myself to be a runner, and so I write about that too. And a big theme on my blog is my personal weight loss journey! Since January of this year, I've lost 27 pounds, but I've still got so much more to go. I'm feeling motivated and determined, and just trying to get healthier all the time!

My sister is getting married in May, and I just recently got engaged on Valentine's Day. So now I'm planning our wedding, which will be October 12th! And so between both of our weddings, occasionally I write posts about wedding stuff. Oh, and every Tuesday I host a "First Things First" link-up, with special "first" topics to write about every week!

Come stop by my blog and say a quick hello! Because I really do mean it when I say I love making new blog friends! You can also check me out on BlogLovin', Twitter, Instagram & Pinterest!


  1. I love making new blog friends too! I just started my blogging journey 11/2012. I as well have been down the weight loss road. I started 1/2012 and have managed to maintain a 22 lb weight loss. I wish I started blogging back then as it would be interesting to look back and see my transformation. It was pretty easy once I decided to change to a healthier lifestyle. I can't wait to read more about your journey.

    <3 Vno

  2. Congrats on the engagement. That is so exciting. You ring is gorgeous.

    I would love for you to stop by my blog and enter my latest giveaway. I will be picking 3 winners. :)


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