19 April 2013

Happy Friday!


Check out this new travel blog --- & you may find a familiar face over there today ;)

Camp Patton talks about surviving three kids under three years old.

A simple guide to SEO by Simply Clarke.

Hairspray and High Heels shares some DIY storage ideas for your makeup.

The 5 most annoying fashion trends by Marionberry Style.

Living in Color Print discusses the benefits of forming an LLC in her latest Blogger to Blogger.

Annie from The Ranting Latina talks about becoming an American citizen and a secret she hasn't told her own readers!

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P.S.  I am currently accepting advertising for the upcoming Charming lifestyle magazine.  I have such an amazing selection of bloggers contributing articles and expertise.  I am beyond excited and would love to feature your shops and business, even blogs.  There's something for everyone and all the ad spots are interactive with clickable links.  The rates are affordable at $8, $10, and $15 prices points for the quarter page, half page, and whole page ad.  Email me if you're interested or would like more information!

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