26 March 2013

Sponsors, Giveaways, & First Things First

Hey friends!

It's been a bit busy in my life over here, I'm working on school, my upcoming graduation, client work, and the upcoming lifestyle magazine (which reminds me, if you haven't received an email back from me you will soon!).

I do have a few backup posts for such a time as now, fortunately!  I just haven't even had time to get to the blog to schedule them!  I will be in full swing next week, though :)  

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sponsor love.

Meet Courtney and learn about her faith, blogging, and upcoming baby numero uno!  Plus, you can then enter the giveaway for $20 to Target.  I personally love Target. :)  I also really love this post about how her and her husband told their families!

Halie has some fun Tuesday link ups called First Things First:

Today's topics: 
First Roommate (s)
First Time Living Away from Home
First Dorm Room at College

I'm going to briefly answer these at the end of the post. :)  Go link up !  I love writing prompts!

Lauren is such a sweetheart with a lovely sense of style!  Every Tuesday she has a Style Sessions link up!  It's been awhile since I've done an outfit post (though I have one ready to go in my camera....), but this is definitely going to be something I'll be participating in!  It's so much fun seeing everyone's sense of style.  If you have any favorite or upcoming style posts, you should consider linking up!

Last but certainly not least is the wonderful Kristyn.  You've all met her before on my blog and she's a fellow Atlantan (though we haven't been able to have a blate yet!)  She's always such a doll !  You'll be seeing her around these parts again, pretty soon :)

There are some awesome giveaways going on in the blogosphere.  I'm going to some up some fun ones for you!

First Roommate: The first college I attended after high school graduation was a small liberal arts university.  It was a beautiful campus with gorgeous Southern architecture and history galore.  The college did a great job of pairing roommates that come from the same cities/areas (I guess to share rides commuting between home and campus).  I met my roommate where we lived the summer before college began, we seemed to have a lot in common.  But we ended up just kind of going our separate ways.  She met this guy who would also be starting at the same university and they spent what seemed like 100% of their time together.  I was trying to balance my faith and living on my own for the first time.  Fortunately, we were only suite mates.  I was fortunate to have a room to myself and we only shared a bathroom.  When I transferred out at the end of the semester, I didn't even say goodbye.  I mean I had a lot going on and it just didn't even occur to me.  But I hear they are engaged now and I'm glad they are still together.  They seemed like a good pairing. :)

First Time Living Away from Home: college as aforementioned :)  It was a super interesting adjustment.  I was around a lot of things I wasn't really comfortable with and dorm life is awful.  I guess I was also being all prudish, but I still managed to find a good group of friends with Campus Catholics and a sorority I was planning on rushing in (but ended up backing out when a sorority weekend coincided with another obligation I had as a member of Regnum Christi, a sect within the Church).  It was in Campus Catholics that I met my husband, two of my bridesmaids, and two of my husband's groomsmen.  So I guess this was still a pretty awesome time in my life ;)  Even though I moved back home because I transferred to a university closer to home, I still enjoyed visiting my friends over the next few semesters.

First Dorm Room at College: as I mentioned, I had my own little space and I only shared a bathroom with my suite mate.  For some reason I was in to black, white, and red.  So I had black bath towels, a red run, a zebra blanket, a black comforter, and black, white, and red decorations.  Including an Eiffel tower from Target.  In fact, I might have gotten the majority of things form Target (love Target!).  I actually really don't like the color red now, so I never really kept any of the red stuff from that "theme." But I still have the zebra blanket and use the black bath towels.  I pulled these picture from Facebook to show you ;)


  1. I never shared a room, either - and for that I will forever be grateful! Thanks for linking up!

  2. That looks like a great little dorm room really! And I'm digging the zebra blanket :) Thanks so much for joining in and linking up with us today!!

  3. Love your pictures of your dorm.. that's awesome!


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