08 March 2013

Roundup + Giveaway!

I had the idea to do a Design Week in December of last year.  I figured that it would be a wonderful way to showcase some talented and beloved designers and bloggers out there as well as a great way to compile some valuable information.  We Do Design, coined by the lovely Rachel from lala Lists, became so much more amazing than I originally imagined.  I met some wonderful bloggers and designers and every single post (or "session") turned out so amazing and perfect.  I am beyond grateful to each of these 14 girls who took the time to put together a fabulous post and I really hope that you all were able to benefit from their expertise.  To conclude the amazing whirlwind of a week, I have round up the 14 sessions and have one last surprise for all of you: a giveaway!  Eleven of you will have the opportunity to win designs for your blogs.  So spread the love to these 14 amazing woman by entering, following, and showing your support to their blogs and business.  Thank you!
Love, A.

>> Typography (+) March Downloadable Calendar by Rachel from lala Lists


  1. i'd honestly love more design posts. for someone like me who doesn't know anything about design, they are super helpful!

  2. new to this blog - so i will have to go & read all about design week. i better catch up asap. thanks for the giveaway. ( :

  3. i enjoy design - so would always love to learn & hear more. thanks!! ( :

  4. I'm new to your blog and design. I would love to read posts on design. You have a great giveaway too. Thanks for the opportunity to enter.


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